Good Weekend, Sad iPod

Well hello again. It's been a busy weekend, albeit a very good one. Caleb came to visit this weekend. I didn't have to work until tonight, so of course the weekend went by extremely fast. Hightlights of the weekend include:

  • eating at Chili's with the whole fam
  • watching "The Office Special"
  • going to Vilano Beach and getting beaten up by the waves in the most hilarious possible way.
  • hanging out with Aunt Candi and Pap-Pap
  • The Alligator Farm (I will definitely be putting some pictures on Flickr soon)
  • seafood at Sharky's and wandering around downtown and going on a Ghost Tour

Yeah, it was fun.

Some not-so-fun things, however, also decided to happen this weekend:

  • A pipe or something sprung a leak in my front yard, so now my water has been turned off for the past two days while the city is fixing it.
  • My iPod is sick. It's having these symptoms. I don't know what to do--I'm going to work on it a little tonight, and if I have no luck then I'll probably go to the Apple store. I really don't want to have to buy a new iPod, even though I didn't pay for this one (Caleb gave it to me when he got his PowerBook [ed]). The whole thing is just very, very sad.
  • More Design I homework barelling my way...tonight marks the start of more late nights.

I really want a surfboard. Just thought I'd put that out there.


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