I think I might lie here a little longer

My final Design project is done. Thank goodness. I didn't even stay up late last night. The only sad thing is that I woke up today at 9:22. Not terrible, you say? Well, my design class is at 9:00. Yeah. I got ready in about 2 and a half minutes. I made it to class at 9:34, after frantically driving to school and almost getting run over by an inept old man who decided not to look before he turned left. Anyway, I'm not as upset about it now as I was before, becuase Liz (who had Design I last year) said that he'll probably just take a couple of points of the project grade. Which really stinks, because I worked hard on this, but at least he won't give me an "F".

My Vis. Comm class was cancelled today, so I spent extra time working on my two-page layout for Computer Graphics. I'[m pretty happy with how I'm doing in that class--mostly "A"s so far on my assignments. There is definitely some scary, Liberty-Freshman-esque design going on in that class, and I'm pretty sure the people doing it won't be Graphic Design majors much longer.

Liz and I talked for awhile (she's the Aide for that class) and she mentioned that the Bed and Breakfast that she works at might be hiring. They pay 1.25 more than what I make now, and it's this gorgeous B&B right on the bayfront downtown. Plus, she said that it's really easy and they're very flexible. I think it would be a lot of fun, and even though I would feel bad leaving the Holiday Inn...I wouldn't feel that bad.

Finally, I discovered another great restaurant here in town (as if there weren't already enough). It's called Mango Mango's and it's on A Street (off of Beach Blvd). I decided that I would celebrate because I worked so hard on my project (and console myself for getting up late) by eating out and going to the beach. Mango Mango's is right near where I always park when I go swimming, so I figured I would try it. A-maz-ing. I ordered the Hurricane Mahi (grilled fish with fruit salsa and carribean spices), which was spectacular. It came with this delicious garden salad and a side of fried plantains (you know, the little sweet bananas). I thought my taste buds were going to start jumping up and down. Seriously, incredible.

And now I am going to further enjoy not having homework by watching Italian for Beginners. Chai and blankets, here I come!


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