It's what you're doing with no sunlight

So my new job basically rocks. It's at this beautiful Bed and Breakfast right on the Bayfront in downtown St. Augustine. I pretty much work the front desk, and the work is quite minimal. I check in the two or three people that come each night, do a load or so of laundry, make a dessert (cake or brownies or something) to put out at six, and answer the phone. I trained with Liz last night, and it was so much fun. We just sat around and talked, did what little work there was, and made brownies. Best of all, I get to sit down! In a chair! No more standing behind a counter for eight hours (or at least, not after next Sunday, which is when I work for the last time at the Holiday Inn). Also, the other girls that work there (I've met Erin and Jessamin [sp?] so far) are my age and lots of fun.

So work = awesome. And that makes me happy.

I also got to go to a great show at Cafe Eleven last night. Head of Femur was the headlining band(some of the members played with Cake and Sea), and Bernard was the opener. I am in love with Bernard, they were beautiful. A bit of The Velvet Teen mixed with Anathallo (but a three piece). They had sooo much build in their songs.

Head of Femur was a lot of fun as well. They're kinda like MeWithoutYou's sillier, funkier younger brothers, but with tamborine fights and lots of hip shaking. Bee-yoo-ti-ful.

I bought some crafty stuff at Michael's today, so I'm going to go make things and finish my Design project.


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