I miss my hippie friends.

I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of hippies here in St. Augustine, but not the same. I miss jumping off bridges and climbing up mountains and makeshift climbing walls in basements. I also wish that I had spent more time hanging out with them, becuase they were all such cool people and I was way too busy. As Usual. I am definitely going to road trip to Virginia this summer to enjoy a little mountain living for a few days. Granted, most of my friends will probably either be home for the summer or graduated, but the Virginia mountains are fun with or without lots of people.

++Go read Cameron's blog for an interesting concept on how movie theaters can do a better job at, well, their job.

Today Florida weather decided it was going to completely outdo itself and present: "The Worst Fall Weather Ever." I got to experience a showing while walking the four blocks from my car to class.

I was:
lugging my portfolio, bag, and art supply box.
Wearing jeans.

The weather was:
Roasting hot.
Aaaaand (special effects, maybe?) the sun was shining. Brightly. Directly in my eyes.

I think I almost walked into a car twice. Or maybe it was a tree. Boo.

++No matter how many times I see those Burger King commercials telling me to "wake up with the king", I still get creeped out.

++AIGA has podcasts from some of the main speakers at its design conference. I know what I'll be listening to next time I'm using up half a dozen sharpies on a Design I project.


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