These words are my own...

I went to the beach after class today. I didn't even go in the water, just slept and read Under the Tuscan Sun (which is incredible, and nothing like the movie--better). Then I treated myself to a Mahi sandwich and fried plantains at Mango Mango's. I love that place.

I've been feeling a bit lonely lately. I have made quite a few aquaintances here in St. Augustine, but no real friends as of yet. Liz, but she is busy with wedding planning and whatnot, so I don't see her very often. I know that it takes time to make friends, but I miss my old ones and long for someone to go get coffee with. I might go to Graceville next weekend to see Caleb. I need to take my car in to get looked at first though, the starter has been acting funny lately.

I am officially no longer working at the Holiday Inn. Now it is the Bed and Breakfast, which I am really enjoying. I have tonight off, however, and my house feels empty. I'm afraid that I will waste my night on silly internet things.

So with that, I'm going to go read, and then do some homework for Design. Maybe I'll knit some more. I finished my one scarf and it's soft and wonderful. Pictures will be up soon.


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