Like Nectarines

Today has been fruitful. I slept in, which was not-so-productive, but considering my lack of sleep over the weekend, it was well needed. It's gorgeous outside, so I rode my bike to class. On my way home, I decided to stop by a few stores that I've passed, but never gone in, including Eco-Organic (I think that's the name anyway), a little clothing store. The owner was really nice, and even though it's out of my price range, I really like their stuff.

After that, I stopped by Art and Movement, which I didn't even realize had opened. It's a combination art gallery/dance studio, and they're in the space where this cool old used bookstore used to be. The owner, Jennifer, is really nice, and I got a schedule of their classes. I also paid ten bucks for three drop-in classes, anything from yoga or pilates to dance. I'm really excited, because I haven't been working out much lately, and I've always wanted to take a dance class. So we'll see, hopefully my schedule will clear enough to use all three classes before November 6th (that's how long I have with this pass).

I'm on my way to Target (to buy knives...kitchen knives) and then I'm heading over to the beach to swim and study for my Visual Communications midterm. And tonight, of course, is Tuesday Night dinner.

It's been a good Tuesday.


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