Just the way you like

You know what's sad? When you meet interesting/cool people, but you know that they won't remember you or get to know you because they have "enough" friends. Their quota is full, so unless you get stuck with them in some random situation, they dismiss you as just one more person that they don't need to take the time of knowing.

This has happened to me quite a bit in the past few months. Look, I know we're in college, I know that you might be moving or graduating in the next year, but taking the time to get to know somebody is not that big of a deal. It's worth it. Who knows, you might actually like me. I might be fun to hang out with. We might have hiliarious conversations that will stick with you forever. But I guess we'll never know now, because you are obviously pretty darn important to everyone and have got your phone full of too many phone numbers.

I'm done venting.


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