Baby, you can drive my car!

Earlier this week, I was listening to the Podcast of NPR's "All Songs Considered" on Lenny the 2nd, my wonderful new 5th Gen. iPod. I love "All Songs Considered" because I'm always introduced to at least one or two cds that are incredible. This weeks picks are two great cover albums.

The first is "This Bird Has Flown", a 40th anniversary cover cd of the Beatles' "Rubber Soul". "Rubber Soul" is by far my favorite Beatles album, and the covers on this cd do a great job of both celebrating and reinterpreting the songs. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals have a warm, reggae-flavored version of "Michelle", and Sufjan Stevens is brilliant and ever with "What Goes On". I also really enjoyed Nellie McKay's sultry interpretation of "If I Needed Someone". The Donna's have fun with "Drive My Car", which is predictable, but catchy. Even if you've never heard the original Rubber Soul (shame! shame!) "This Bird Has Flown" is interesting and enjoyable.

The other great cd that was mentioned is Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack." Another collection of covers, this album features songs from the 1950's remade by some of my favorite bands: Death Cab for Cutie sings "Earth Angel", the Flaming Lips entertain with "If I Only Had a Brain", and folks like Phantom Planet, The Dandy Warhols, the Walkmen, and Ben Kweller add their own versions of "Stragners in the Night", "There Goes My Baby," and "Lollipop". The video game, "Stubbs the Zombie" has some great art direction--it's very vintage noir with lots of Saul Bass inspired sillouettes and titles.

I will be listening to both of these albums (along with about fifty others) while I spend the rest of the afternoon interpreting my abstract black line painting into grayscale for tomorrow. Tape, exacto knife, and way too many people in the design studio: Here I come!

Is it worth it for me to post pictures of some of my projects up here for you guys to look at? I didn't know if it'd be too boring, but I have some pictures if you'd like to see what's been occupying all of my time as of late.


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