Crunchy Con: That's me!

I've discovered more and more that the media likes to stamp everyone with "Democrat" or "Republican." You're either one or the other--or you're a nut. Well, as conservative as I am (I plan on becoming a stay at home mom once I have kids, I go to church every week, I won't be having sex until I'm married), I am also passionate about things that tend to be "lefty" (I am addicted to NPR, I listen to indie and folk music, I hate suburban sprawl and Big Business). And while I'm definitely on the more Libertarian side of Republicanism, I voted for George W. Bush in the last election. I love Neal Boortz. And organic food.

I just started reading Crunchy Cons by Rob Dreher. And suddenly, I feel a little disarmed. You mean, my friends and I aren't the only ones? There's a 42 year old mom with an engineering degree raising 5 kids in Texas, who sings in the choir and helps at a co-op? And a dad who heads up a recycling program, listens to Garrison Keeler, and teaches Sunday School? I'm in awe! Not that I ever thought I was anything particularly special in my beliefs--after all, I have a number of friends who share many of my interests and feel just as confused politically. But now: I have a category. A place (albeit one that is still in grassroots phases) where it's normal to embrace my love of culture and of Christ (and I don't mean that in a Liberty University way).

Go check the book out, and for a primer on the general idea, check out Rob Dreher's original article at the National Review. And eat some fruit while you're at it!


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