Surely would be you

So yesterday I drove home from Graceville. Yes, I ended up making my way over there after hanging in Lake City for a day or two with Eb and Allison. It was fun, I really like those two. We watched Arrested Development, ate salmon patties, slept in, went to look at a house, got snow cones, and other fun things. I wish I could have stayed for their BBQ with the Dizmas guys, but I decided at the last minute to make the two and a half hour drive over to Graceville. I'm glad I did, it was definitely worth it, even if I only got to see Caleb for a short time (I had to leave at 10am the next day to make it back for work). I stayed with Mike and Katrina and their beyond cute little boy Eathan. He looks like Mike, it's awesome.

Now I am back home, working. But Caleb will be here next week, and we will see Jamie Cullum. Yay!


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