Foxy Money Savin' Lady

It's 8:08 on a Wednesday night, and I'm sitting in front of my computer with my hair pulled back, an almost-dry face mask, and yoga pants. Silly as I may look, it's nice to know I'm in for the night. Who knows, maybe this evening I will capture that ever-elusice 8 hours of sleep. Or, since I'm about to work on some more website (no, not mine, you should know better) stuff, probably not.

I spent an hour in Barnes and Noble today reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I admit, I now idolize the guy a bit--I first read his column in Relevant, and it cause Shannon and I to decide that we want to pay for our first house with as much cash as possible. Now, ever since I read his first book, Financial Peace, I've been amazed at how absolutely in debt most Americans are. Not to sound like a 40 year old woman or anything (c'mon, I'm listening to Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" on my record player), but college kids are so naive. I've always known that credit cards are bad, and I'm lucky enough that I have no debt other than student loans, but I never realized just how many sharks are out there ready and willig to take all of your money just so you can have everything "now." I've really started to realize the benefits of cash and how important it is to never ever ever use credit. I just wish that i could give this book to everyone that I know--I can't even begin to imagine how much better things will be for my finances in the long run, just by being able to pull the shades back right now.

So that's your financial advice for the evening--go read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Your kids will thank you one day (and you'll thank yourself when retirement means traveling to Europe instead of trips to the Trailer Park mailbox).


And You're all Invited!

Everyone is invited to come party with Caleb and I next Tuesday, as we say our final farewell to Lynchburg! We are both transferring to schools in Florida (Caleb to Baptist Bible College and I to Flagler College). The bowling is cheap, only 99 cents a game and 3 bucks for shoes, so dress up in you fanciest and bowl till you hit a hundred! The party starts at 9:00 on Tuesday evening (May 3rd) and we'll be at the Fort Hill Bowling Center.

Click here for the official invitation!

We'll probably head to Daniel White's afterward for some more hanging out and possibly some music if John Carl will be so kind as to DJ for us again. I hope you can all come so we can hang out with you one last time!


Follow the sky and reach for the sun!

It is shiny and beautiful outside! I took a walk this afternoon, and you did too.

I'm also listening to the Polyphonic Spree and marvelling at the new features from iPhoto.

Shannon: Happy Last Day of College Ever!


Cookies and Bob Marley

It's already 9:34. I can hardly believe my night went by so fast. I can also hardly believe that I've been maintaining a work schedule of 6-2:30 every weekday for the past month and a half or so. Granted, sometimes I get to go to work later, but for the most part I have to go to bed by 10:30 to get a decen night's rest. Yuck. And this is from the girl who has never had an 8am class on purpose--because the later, the better, my friend.

I do feel like I accomplished a bit today though--worked out at the gym, helped Caleb make steak for dinner, baked 8 million cookies while enjoying Stephanie's Bob Marley album (I've been loving the album "Exodus" lately), watched half of Gilmore Girls...and now I'm listening to Jazz Tonight on NPR, which will I will continue to do as I work on the scarf I'm knitting for my dad.

Am I boring? Becuase you know, sometimes during this "interim" time in my life, I sure do feel like it. No late nights for me. Sad day.

I got geeked today when some lady placed an order and happened to be from Lake City (Florida). This is one of the many ways I know that I am 150% ready to be in the Sunshine State.

Caleb is in love with the new Kings of Leon cd...I like it too, but now I keep hearing their songs everywhere I go. And on a Jetta commercial. It's getting sorta creepy.

Oh, and for the record--Shannon rocks. She really does. She is helping me a ton with my apartment searching from-a-distance and it is such a blessing.

I'm going to try and have my other (original) website up by next Saturday, but don't quote me on that. You know how it goes.


"revealed in the sky to leave all behind..."

A couple of things:

*Mitch Hedburg died. I am so sad about this. So much humor that will never be experienced again.
*The new Mae cd is out and it's beautiful. I've listened to it a ton and I am in love with the illustrations in the booklet.
*mewithoutyou has a new(ish) site design and it's very pretty, though a bit slow loading. I really like the sketches though. I hope aaron did them. That would be cool.
*I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I really hope I don't come down with something--this is completely the wrong time for it, since it's nice outside and I'm only a month away from being done with my Boring Job.
*I finished the banner design for Relay For Life, which I really need to post here. Soon enough.
*If you're slightly concerned about your financial state, go read Financial Peace by David Ramsey. It's amazing. Two thumbs up from me.