stuck in reverse

I feel so disconcerted. Half my stuff is at Nanny's, half is at the Maroon Tiny. We don't have any hot water yet. The deadbolt is only half installed in the front door. I can't figure out how to configure my room. Our front yard floods when it rains, so we have to go buy more large garden stones so we have a higher path to the street. Confused? Yeah, me too.

The good new is, Philip had an interview with California Closets today. It went really well, and they told him to call them in two weeks for a second interview and then he can start training (they just had someone start today and they don't train more than one person at once). It sounds really promising, and I'm praying that it will work out for him. It's a really great job--he would be the "Installer", and they would give him a uniform and a van and everything and after the prep guys finished prepping these rich people's spaces, he would go in and install the closet with the tools that they gave him, and he'd make a very good deal of money. It would be the perfect thing to take him through school, and I think he'd be good at it.

But we won't find out for two weeks.

Oh, pray for Caleb and his family right now. They need it, because there are many decisions to be made. God is big and I have to remind myself of that sometimes (or he reminds me).

Finally, I am sick and tired of the rain. I want to go to the beach, and now that I have time the weather has been crappy. You heard me. I didn't stutter.


The Maroon Tiny

I can't believe it's almost eleven already. Today went by quite quickly. Admittedly, Philip and I didn't get up until 11 this morning, but we deserved some sleeping in. We got right to work on our house, with some stops at Home Depot and Target first. Let's see, what did I do today? Well, I swiffered, I mopped, I cleaned the refridgerator, I put shelf paper and liner in our cabinets, I paid the service deposit and got our electricity turned on, and I killed a big nasty mosquito. He was very large, and very icky. But now he's just dead.

What did Philip do today? Well, he put up mini-blinds, fixed a door, put in a dead-bolt, and got the fans to work.

I like my house. We even named it today:

The Maroon Tiny.

Yup, that's its name. I borrowed Shannon and Allison's rental-house-naming system that originally spawned both The Pink Nasty and The Blue Dirty.

So today was all about the house, and tomorrow probably will be too. But it will also be about finding Philip a good job. Pray for him, he needs a cool one.



My brother is coming tomorrow!


Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Today I feel older. It's like I finally woke up to the fact that I am twenty-one, that I have friends who are married and friends who are travelling or graduated and I am living in a brand new city in my own place, and my boyfriend will be leaving soon to finish his schooling at BCF.

And it's a strange feeling, it really is. Becuase even though I feel old, I also don't. I'm still so much in transition. There's the part of me that will still coyly suggest to Caleb that he really donesn't have to go to BCF; that it's just too far. Even though I know, I know that he needs to g and he will learn so much there and that it wil be good for me to concentrate on doing well at Flagler. But it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. Or even like it.
I've had the past few days off and it's been really nice. I've been swimming and running errands and sleeping in and doing lots of reading at Barnes and Noble. Reading Lauren F. Winner, to be exact. Her books (I finished Real Sex this morning and am now halfway through Girl Meets God) are so interesting, and I love reading the narrative of someone so intellectual yet so new to some aspects of Christianity. I defintely reccomend her books.

So another blog post, another day of being older than I feel like I am, and another day closer to Caleeb leaving and school starting. I almost smile at how little I know about the coming year, and how months from now I will be in a completely different place in my head. It's scary, but exciting. Crossing my fingers...


Gotta get up from here...

Back at Nanny's house again. I'm kinda sad that this weekend is over. I had so much fun on Friday, grilling at Allison's house with, well, everybody (ninandavid, ray, luke, justin, cindy, ebandallison, shannon, nikki, justin h., caleb...). We swam in the pool with watermelons, and ate way too much of the ice cream birthday cake that nina and shannon brought for me and allison. Allison got me a really cool purse, and we all looked at old pictures and watched west side story and laughed a bunch. I love friends.

Saturday was much fun as well--we got up and drove over to Branford so we could float down the Ichetucknee. It was really nice out and the water felt so nice. We all hooked onto each others inner tubes and floated down the river in one mass of silliness. We ended the Endless Summer Extravaganza with lunch at The Gathering, before the rains came and soaked us all to the bone as we ran to our cars.

Caleb and I stayed at his house and hung out with his family instead of going to the Rino show in Jax. I would have liked to see them and keep hanging out with everyone, but it was good to see his family. We went to church at FBC of Branford this morning, and Luke grilled pork chops and chicken for our Father's Day lunch.

We drove back to St. Auggie around 5 and spent the rest of the evening putting up props and decorations at Cresent Beach for this week's VBS.

I'm tired. I think I'm actually going to try and get eight hours of sleep tonight.


The Summer is Endless!

Caleb and I are going to Branford to hang out with the most fun kids ever and swim and bbq and go down rivers during the official "Endless Summer II" party. Be back soon--hopefully with a tan!


Oy with the Poodles Already!

So I'm in week two of my job now. I like it, I really do--though I think this week is going to be a tough one, since we're getting training for new softwarae and I'm pretty much going to be orking from 10 in the morning to 9 at night for the next two days. At least I have the weekend off for the Endless Summer party and good times in Branford/Live Oak. I'm excited about that.

In other news, I will be moving into my new house over the next week. It should be interesting, seeing as how I'll be working and then gone till next Sunday. Plus I still have some cleaning in it that needs to be done. But it will be there and it will get taken care of, eventually.

I can hardly believe it's already June 14th. Crazy. I feel bad because I have two websites that I really need to be working on (finishing a calculator for Strategic Capital Mortgage and completing Losing Summer's site) that I really can't do right now, because of work and only having access to dial-up (ugh, I HATE dial-up). But I'm crossing my fingers that DSL or Cable won't be too expensive and I'll be able to get it soon.

Maybe next week things will slow down?


Gotta Love It

So since I last posted (last really posted, not yesterday's test one) a number of things have happened:
  • I got a job working at the front desk at the Holiday Inn, which I reallly like so far.

  • Caleb spent a week at Youth Camp, where he went backpacking, ate camp food, and did other fun camp things with lots of little campers. Cuteness.

  • Cameron and Shannon are officially dating! Aww! (Yeah, I kinda saw it coming, but I'm happy that it happened because I love both of them to death).

And that brings us about up to date. All the Rino boys and gals are coming in this weekend and so is Caleb's family, so fun times will abound. I'm still looking for a place to live, but God will take care of me and I'm not worried. C'est la vie!


Widgety Widgets!

So I'm just testing out this dashboard widget that I downloaded for blogger. Real post to follow soon (hopefully tomorrow), but for now let's just see if this works. Hasta!


Bagels and Lunch at 2 in the Afternoon

So I'm here. In Florida. And it's great, I admit it. I'm in "tourist mode" right now, as Caleb likes to say. I'm currently in Shannon and Nina's living room in Tampa. We drove to here last night and hung out in their very nice apartment. Shannon and I ended up staying awake til 5am talking in her room, it was fun. I haven't done that in a long time.

We're going to try and go see Anberlin, The Acceptance, and Code Seven tonight. Hopefully it won't be sold out. Caleb is telling me that we have to leave and go get food, and I agree since we haven't eaten since last night. Panera, here we come...