before podcasts and myspace and even blogs...

Sometimes I can't help but sit around feeling a bit lost. When did everybody grow up? Has the world always been as scary as it is now? It feels like so much is happening lately, in our country, our government, our planet. Has it always been this way, and I was just to naive or preoccupied to notice it? Or are we on the edge of something big here? Maybe I don't want to be on the edge. Maybe I miss the days when my "current events" story for Senior history class had to do with how big the world-record-breaking chocolate chip cookie was. And I had study hall afterwards and went to the library and talked on the phone after I ate dinner that my mom made.

Sometimes I miss those days.


There is nothing left of my nerves

So apparently my blogger widget isn't working. Becuase I've actually written two posts and it said that I posted them, but according to my site, they aren't there. Sad.

I'm still around, although I've been getting to know the tables at the Design Studio a lot better lately. I also think I'll throw up if I have to mix any more colors. I promise I'll post some photos soon of some of my assignments, but right now I am still in the middle of the assignment part. So it will have to wait.

I'm still looking for a roomate/place to live for the spring semester. Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested!

Finally, here is my class schedule for Spring 06:

Art History III
Computer Graphics II
Math for Liberal Arts II
Design II
Graphic Design I

Lots of I's and II's. (but not enough r&r)