Oh! Gravity

It's finally getting warmer! The weather has been dreadfully cold (well, for Florida at least) for the last week, and today it's actually warmed up to 73. Thank goodness. I just made a quick foray to Target to get some blank cds, and I was able to check out the new Proena Schouler line (which isn't actually supposed to be out until Feb. 4th). The clothes are incredibly cute, and I already saw a couple things I'd love to buy. The great thing about the GO! International line is that in a month or two, everything will be clearanced and I'll get some super cute clothes for super cheap (like the Luella denim jacket I got for twelve dollars).

I'm starting to slowly emerge from my haze of crazy projects--after tomorrow, all I'll have left is a band MySpace design (which I've already created and just need to program). That makes me really happy, becuase I want to start some more screenprinting and begin work on our "Save the Dates" and other wedding paraphanelia. I still have no idea what direction I'm going in, but I think once I figure out some florist and decor stuff, it will make the graphics easier. I'm so excited about doing fun invitations.


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